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Clean Out Your Computer Day

Over time, files and programs that are unused on your computer clog the memory and cause confusion during retrieval and use of other data as well as slows down your computer. Today, is the day to spend time with your computer!

Take a look at your files and programs on your computers:

  • Organize your files, folders and bookmarks. Folders are a great way of categorically organizing files from both business and pleasure. They can be one of your best organization tools, if utilized properly.

  • Delete junk files. Don't forget to look at your downloaded files, as many times that area gets overlooked.

  • Delete duplicate files.

  • Delete old files and programs not being used.

  • Backup your computer, including all your files, documents, and pictures.

  • Uninstall all the programs and apps you no longer use.

Also, remember to empty the recycle bin after getting rid of unused files and programs.

And……….don't forget to actually clean your computer….screen, mouse and keyboard……I see those crumbs and fingerprints!

Try making this a quarterly event as it is important for productivity and organization.


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