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About Us

At  HOW Resourceful we understand the many challenges that we all face in our everyday life with trying to balance commitments with work, parenting, partnerships, aging parents, etc. We offer a broad range of services, all individually designed to meet our clients needs, while managing their commitments with less stress.  Our strong organizational skills and exceptional ability to "think outside the box", has allowed us to successfully assist others whom may lack certain skills, creativity, resources and time. By knowing firsthand how busy life can get, our staff are able to efficiently assist our clients while bringing calmness, resolve and peace of mind.

Dawn Mims 
Owner - "The Resourceful One"
"Be a resource, not a sales pitch."

HOW Resourceful founder Dawn Mims has done it all, from a crafty mom coordinating unique parties and treats, to an executive dealing with project/event management for businesses and the community, to a business owner assisting individuals and businesses to utilize their most valuable asset.....their time.

Dawn founded HOW Resourceful based on her passion of helping others and the needs of friends, family and colleagues whom had struggled to find a trusted go-to source when needing assistance in life and in business.  As a natural creative problem solver and empathetic person with key strengths of resourcefulness and common sense, HOW Resourceful was launched.  HOW stands for Home, Office or Wherever, seeing as our skills are not limited to a particular service or location.  

Why Do Our Clients Use Us?


We could display a long detailed list of reasons why clients use our services and why they refer others to our business. The simple fact is, that with our broad range of skills, knowledge, contacts and willingness to assist at any level, our clients know that we will assist them in any area of their life, whether it's personal or business related. Our main goal and focus is to be a trusted go-to source for our clients. 

HOW Resourceful_Referrals

When you refer us to a new client, you will also be earning valuable time saving rewards for yourself. To say "Thank You", you will receive one hour of free service added to your account for each new client (once your referred client has used our service). Referrals are some of the kindest gifts we receive and we appreciate your business and confidence in our services.​​

HOW Resourceful_FAQ
HOW Resourceful_Testimonials

Our Go To Resource

Jen & Pete D.

My husband and I use HOW Resourceful for all of our needs, whether personal or business related.  It seems they can do anything and are always there to give us calm in our crazy lives.   

Beyond Expectations

Joseph N.

Dawn was great to work with.  Not only did she listen and understand as to what I needed done, she took it to the next level and produced much better results.  I will definitely continue to use her services for my life and business needs.  

A Lifesaver

Sue M.

As a business professional who travels a lot, I need someone who can do my grocery shopping, pick up dry cleaning, watch my dogs and make sure that I have my favorite bottle of wine when I get home.

HOW Resourceful is my lifesaver and provides all of these customized services and more.  I highly recommend.

So Creative

Eliza B.

I turn to Dawn for all of my gifting needs, as I know she and her staff will always come up with unique and creative ideas, and my recipients are always amazed and look forward to her personalized gifts and have also become clients of her services.

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