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Be A Thoughtful Gifter

I have always been a problem solver and creative person, it just comes natural......lucky me, don't be jealous! Based on popular demand.....I would like to share a successful gift presentation idea that I came up with for my niece and nephew last year.

Because my niece and nephew live out of town and I don't get to see them as often as I would like to, I wanted to put meaning into a gift that they would look forward to and be grateful for receiving. (I chose Christmas for two reasons...1. I could not bring myself to buy another toy or piece of clothing just for the sake of giving something to people that already have everything they could possibly want....and then some. 2. New yearly calendars are aplenty in December).

So my idea of Monthly Mailbox Surprise came to fruition. I created a special logo for their surprise and then began the task of searching for the perfect calendar to go with their personality as well as give them a little inspiration to think about each month. I found "Think Happy Thoughts" for my niece and "Words To Live By" for my nephew. Choosing to send their special monthly gift/treat, on the 3rd week of the month, I then created special "Mailbox Surprise" stickers adding a notation "to be on the lookout" during that week and then placed the stickers on the coinciding week of each month. Surprises ranged from toys, clothes, gift cards, money, books, etc. The possibilities are endless based on what you can send. This idea was a success and has become a popular and unique gifting request from friends, families and clients. Go ahead and give it a try.

And by the way......want to guess what my niece and nephew's Christmas present request is this year? You got it......Mailbox Surprise will now be an an annual tradition!


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